What’s causing Ducati 749 error?

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I have just started my Ducati 749 for the first time in about a month. The bike starts OK every time but the amber EOBD light stays on. According to the owner’s manual it should go out after about eight seconds after turning on the ignition. Other than the light staying on everything else seems to be working fine.
danstan, MCN forums
The most likely reason is that your battery has got a little low while it’s been parked up. Those bikes are sensitive to temperature too, and a cold day can trigger it. The 749 EOBD dash light illuminates when there are certain electrical errors, errors in the injection system and errors in the ignition system. It will also light up if engine temp is greater than 124°C. Additionally, if the EOBD light lights up together with the 'CODE' symbol on the LCD, the ECU is in the 'block engine' state.

If the EOBD light has illuminated because of an error, to troubleshoot the problem, you can retrieve the error code/s generated as follows...

While holding down the left hand dash button, turn the ignition on. Keep the button held down throughout the 'start up' dash sequence, then any stored error code/s will be displayed on the LCD. The error codes will be displayed as "EFl Error". At the same time, the error code number will be displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. If there is more than one stored error code, the display will scroll through them automatically. If there are no codes to worry about, I’d get an Optimate and put the battery on charge.

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