What pressure should my Suzuki GSX-R600's tyres be?

What pressure should my GSX-R600’s tyres be?
I’ve just replaced my Bridgestone BT-016s with some BT-023s on my GSX-R600. The manual only gives the pressures for the 016s, so do I run the same pressures as the 016s, or do I need more air in them? My weight is 13 stone. At the moment I have put what it says on the tyre, 42psi (2.9 bar) front and rear. Is this right?
Duffster, MCN forums
Tyre manufacturers have pretty much standardised their recommendations at 36 psi (2.5 bar) front, 42psi (2.9 bar) rear, with a few bikes excepted. The manual is only of use with the original equipment tyres, as the factory won’t have tested later types of tyres on the bike, so you need to check with the tyre firms. For example, Bridgestone recommend 36/42psi if you are using BT016 Pros, but 36/40psi if it’s the standard 016s. Here’s the link to Bridgestone’s fitment guide: www.bridgestonebikersclub.co.uk/guide

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