What's up with my Triumph Trophy's fuel sensor?

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What’s up my Triumph Trophy’s fuel sensor?
The fuel gauge on my Triumph Trophy 900 won’t stop flickering between half and three quarters full and the MoT is coming up. Does it need to be giving an accurate reading for the bike to pass?
BigOne, MCN forums
It won’t make a difference to whether the bike passes its MoT and there’s a simple test to identify whether the fault is in the gauge or the sender unit in the fuel tank. The gauge itself has a damper fitted to stop the reading moving in the way you describe.

So if you sit on the bike and lean it left and right and the needle moves, that’s where the problem is. If that doesn’t make a difference, it’s probably the sender unit. There’s a green/black wire that carries the signal. If you put a multimeter on that and move the float in the fuel tank, you should get a linear response from the sender. If not, it’s time to replace that.


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