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Why are my VFR400's indicators on the blink?

Q. I have a problem with both of my Honda VFR400s. When I switch on the indicator there is a delay of about 5-10 seconds and a clicking noise from the relay and then the indicators come on.

I have checked the wiring and changed the batteries (on both bikes) but the problem still persists

 I have also tried spaying the switch on the handlebar with WD40 but this makes no difference.
Highlander9, MCN forums
WD40 is good for driving out moisture, but it isn’t an electrical contact cleaner. You will need to take the various switches and relays apart and then spray the contacts with a contact cleaner.

Once you’ve got them properly cleaned up you need to look at your relays and possibly their earths, as from what you describe the relays are sticking, then kicking themselves into life, which may be due to weak/corroded earths.

Check the earth connections on both the relay circuit and indicator circuits. If they are the same then buy one relay and substitute it on each bike in turn to compare.

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