Best road and track tyres for a Honda CB1000R

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I have a 2011 Honda CB1000R ABS, and want to do track days, what tyres are best suited to being ridden to the circuit, do a track day and then ride home?
Roearn, MCN Tyre forum

Any of the new breed of sport tyres are up to those demands. There’s been a staggering increase in performance from just three years ago. So take your pick from: Bridgestone 016 Pros, Dunlop Sportsmarts, Michelin Power Pures or Pirelli Diablo Rosso IIs.

You will need to adjust the tyre pressures for track use, so when you do get to the circuit let the bike stand for a minimum of 45 minutes to allow the tyres to become reasonably cold, then reduce the pressures. A good rule of thumb is something in the region of 32-33psi front, 30-32psi rear. At the end of theday, let the tyres cool down again for an hour before resetting the tyres tothe recommended road pressures.

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