Wrong pressures on Honda CBF600 tyres

Q. I have been using my Honda CBF600 for six months. I had got it into my head that the front tyre pressure was 42psi, which has always seemed fine. The other day I went to check the pressures and the front tyre’s valve came off in my hand!

I wheeled it down to the local bike garage for a replacement and the technician informed me that the front should be 36psi (I double-checked this and they’re bloody right.)

However the bike now feels completely different. It turns in much quicker and goingover white lines or parallel ridges in the road seems exaggerated. What on earth is going on?
Ryan Finn, Northampton
A. One of two things is happening. Either the bike is now handling the way it should have in the first place, with faster steering, and you just have to get used to it. Or, the pressure has been so high for so long that it has introduced some unusual wear characteristics and the tyre is now super sensitive to surface changes.

Either way, when you get your tyres changed in the future always stipulate new valves. Tyresthat are over five years old are often deemed to be past their sell-by date. That valve could be as old as the bike, and on a 2000-year machine the rubber could be perishing at a rate of knots.

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