Can I retro-fit hazard lights to my Deauville?

Q. I have a 1999 Honda Deauville which has been very reliable, but I saw a newer Deauville parked up with hazard lights flashing and I thought they may be useful on my bike.

I know that the 2004 Deauville has hazard lights built in but I was wondering if I can put them on my model?
welshbiker910, MCN forums

A. The simplest way of doing it would be to fit the switchgear from an ’04 or newer Deauville as it’ll have all the wiring there. There are also aftermarket kits out there from £12 upwards.

The only problem with bike hazard lights is you have to have the ignition switched on for them to work (to stop fiddlers firing them up while the bike is parked and flattening your battery).

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