Best all-round tyres for a KTM Superduke

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I have a KTM Superduke and need to replace both tyres. I ride quite hard so need something that inspires confidence, but often get caught out in the wet, so need something that doesn’t slide all over at the first drop of rain. But with money tight I would like something thatlasts around 2500 miles for a rear without breaking the bank. I have tried Dunlop’s 208RRs which were OK, but now obsolete. A Qualifier only lasted 800 miles, and the Pirelli Diablo Corsa seem to slide around all over in the wet.
D Tuplin, email

Your shortlist is: Dunlop Sportsmarts, Bridgestone BT-016 Pros and Michelin Power Pures, while the Metzeler Sportec M5 Interacts are solid all-round performers. They will all give as much on-road dry weather grip as you need and will also be able to do the odd track day. They all have good wet weather grip but the Dunlops and Bridgestones are better than the others in this respect.

The new Pro Bridgestones have much improved wet grip and durability over the original BT-016. When the Michelins were launched they lacked wet grip against the Dunlops, but the suspicion is that they revised the tyre recently because riders are reporting improved wet road performance. But they might wear a little quicker. Pirelli Diablo Rosso 2s would be in the frame but you can’t get the rears for love or money at the moment. They also lack a little wet grip in this company.

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Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott