Best tyres for a Suzuki B-King

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Q. I’m looking for the best all-round tyres for my Suzuki B-King. On the web forums a lot of people are changing from the 200/50 rear to a 190/55, saying you get better turn in.

Plus there is more choice available. I was looking to buy the Avon Storm Ultras in the 200-section. Save cash on motorcycle tyres. I'm not into knee dragging but I don't hang about although most of my riding is two-up.
A. Yes, fitting a 190 will give you more rapid turn in if that's what you want, and a few firms do recommend a 190 option. Like the Metzeler M5 Sportec and Bridgestone BT-016.

You can save some money by comparing original Pirelli Diablos against Rossos, maybe saving £25.

If you go for the Avon, there’s only a 200 size. Avoid 190/50s as that reduces the ride height and will change the feel (although it will also have a different profile and a bigger footprint at maximum lean).

Dunlop offers Qualifiers in a 200/50 size, which by its very nature has a more sporty profile.

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