Why are my Hayabusa's brakes clicking?

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I changed the front pads on my Hayabusa recently, but now after hitting the brakes I keep hearing an annoying ‘clicking’ sound like something is touching the brake discs. I took it back to the mechanic and he says it’s all good, but the noise hasn’t gone. Panikos, email

When the mechanic fitted the pads I take it he also fitted the anti-rattle plates? If the replacement pads are a slightly different size they could be shifting slightly in their calipers when they touch the discs. Nothing to worry about but yes, it can be irritating. It’s also possible that the edges of the pads have worn little grooves into the calipers, allowing pad movement.

Finally it could be a wheel bearing clicking if dry and worn or movement in the forks (bushes or yoke clamps) or possibly head stock bearingsGet yours at MCNshop.com

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