Triumph Speed Triple stuck in gear

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Q. My 18,000-mile 2005 Triumph Speed Triple 1050 has started sticking in first gear when stationary. No amount of force on the lever will shift it, the only way to get neutral is to turn off the engine so the lever then works normally and restart.

Shifting into neutral before stopping is difficult as the box jumps straight through neutral from second to first and up from first to second.

This is making commuting a pain in the clutch hand. It has now started hanging onto second when upshifting.
Simonwing, MCN forums

A. If it’s a neutral selection problem, the solution probably lies in the clutch area. The first place to start is the clutch by making sure it lifts enough. Neutral is a small ‘region’ in the ‘atlas’ of gearchanges and it doesn’t take much for it to be hard to find.

If that doesn’t sort it, then you’ll need to drain the oil, get the clutch cover off and check the clutch basket itself, and also the detent wheel and spring that are located behind the basket. You can just about see the small spring behind the basket.

If the problem is up and downshifts through the box, then it will probably be a selector problem, starting with the selector spring. But that is pretty beefy and less likely to fail.

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