Will a Power Commander sort low-rev jerkiness?

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Q. I’ve a 2002 Suzuki GSX-R750 with an Akrapovic end can. It runs very well, certainly not short on power! However slow speed running below 4000rpm is a bit jerky and erratic at times!

Would fitting a Power Commander III and re-mapping ‘smooth’ things out?

A. Poor fuelling and throttle response is always more noticeable at the bottom-end, once you get over 6500rpm it’s harder to spot any faults In standard trim the fuelling on your bike goes from rich to lean, rich to lean every few hundred revs at the bottom-end.

A Power Commander should sort the fuelling out. It’s simple to fit to your bike, just remove the seat and seat hump, lift the tank and plug it into wiring loom mounting behind the seat.

Once it’s up and running you can download a map for your year of bike with that make of can fitted from dynojet.co.uk. That will get it 90% right. If you want to get it custom-mapped, that will cost about £130 at a dyno centre.

Get yours at MCNshop.com