How do I remove Suzuki GSX600F exhaust headers?

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Q. I need to get the exhaust headers off my Suzuki GSX600F while the engine is out of the frame to repair an oil leak.

All the exhaust bolts are off the studs, but the pipes themselves are wedged in tight. Any ideas?
David2128, MCN forums

A. If you unbolt the exhaust headers from the cylinder head leaving the silencer in place, you can use this as a long lever to waggle up and down to release the header pipes’ seals into the exhaust ports.

But now you have removed the engine leaving the headers in place you have very little leverage if they are seized in. If you turn the engine upside down (make sure you have remembered to remove the oil first) then get a length of wood between the header at the join of the four pipes into one.

Lever the pipe up and push back down to break the seal (try using the detachable frame bars if possible, rather than the sump).

If no go, then you’ll have to bolt the engine back in and use the silencer as the lever.

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