Which clutch plates for a Yamaha V-Max?

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Q. My Yamaha V-Max will soon need new clutch plates. The Barnett sets are £20-30 more than EBC or Ferodo. Are they worth the extra cash?
Mickh13, MCN forums

A. Unless you are going drag racing I don’t think you really need that extra expense. The weak point on the VMax clutch is the diaphragm spring rather than the springs or plates themselves. The engine was developed from Yamaha’s GoldWing tourer rival, the Venture, but they didn’t beef up the diaphragm to cope with the extra power.

Exactrep do a diaphragm spring that is 60% stronger for £60, fit that with a new set of springs and the clutch should be good for 50,000 miles.

But don’t use fully-synthetic oil, or you’ll be looking at replacement in less than half the time. Turbo truck oil is what you want.

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