How can I turn my bike around in an enclosed space?

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Getting my Triumph Sprint in and out of a more and more cluttered garage is becoming hard work. So much so that I am avoiding taking it out. I know that you can spin a motorbike around on the sidestand, but I am not keen on this as the bike is really heavy and I can easily see it landing on me.
Where can I get a reasonably priced bike mover or trolley?
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It is possible to spin the bike round on its sidestand by getting it balanced against your hip with one hand on the bar nearest you and the other on the grabrail pulling it round,  but it does put a lot of strain on the stand if you don’t do it right and over time too.
Busters have a variety of paddock stands and the one for £39 with four wheels on it looks good, but on a single swingarm bike like yours it could be problematic. Demon Tweeks have got the BikeTek Deluxe centrestand mover with four wheels on it. It’s about £90, but you will get use from it whatever the bike as long as you keep riding and it’s cheaper than a respray.

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