Why is my Yamaha Fazer 600 making a tapping noise?

Q. I’ve a Yamaha 2000 FZS600S Fazer with 56,000 miles on clock which I use for commuting. I change the oil/ filter every six months and just recently changed the battery and new plugs and slightly turned up the idle speed.

There is now a tapping noise coming from the engine. Could this be the cam chain tensioner? If so, is it a big job and is it pricey as the bike’s only worth around £1000.
Sean Tinker, Bolton
A. A tapping noise is normally associated with a top-end problem, probably at the valves, camchain problems tend to be rattles. Before you start throwing money or bits at this, it will be worth a visit to a dealer for a professional's opinion of the noise.

As you say, your bike is only worth a grand, but if all it needs is a bit of TLC to give you reliable transport, then it’s worth it. With 56,000 miles on the clock and no mention of the valves ever being checked, that would be as good place to start as any.

If the bike does need a camchain tensioner it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to fit a camchain at the same time. Although the factory chain is endless, most dealers would fit a soft link chain so your total costs should not be too bad.

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