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Q. I would like some advice on what tyres to buy for my 1998 Ducati 916. I have had the bike for five years and fitted a set of Michelin Pilot Sports when I got the bike.

I have been happy with the handling not having ridden this bike on any other tyres. I have covered about 4000 miles, including two track days at Knockhill. Though there is still tread on the front (1/3 more on rear) it picked up a nail so it’s time for new tyres.

I believe more modern rubber is required. I ride the Ducati mainly at weekends (with the very occasional track day) mostly in the dry, but it is Scotland so wet is par for the course.

I would also like to know why I go through a front tyre before the rear (my other two bikes, a BMW R90s and K100, use two rears for one front). I am a big lad at just over 16 stone.
Alz916, MCN forums

A. The 916 has the sportiest riding position of your three bikes and you also weigh a fair bit and I bet you like to brake hard too, which would explain the wear rates.

As to tyres, you’re spoilt for choice with Michelin Power Pures, Dunlop Sportsmarts, Metzeler Sportec M5s and Bridgestone ST20s.

This latest generation of rubber should fit your broad range of needs better than the Pilot Sports.

As to rear tyre size, check the rim width. 95% of 916s use a 5.5” rim and you need a 180/55 x 17. However if it’s marked as a six-incher you can fit a 190/50 x 17

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