Which tyres for tubed 18-inch rims?

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Q. I’ve just got a 1992 Moto-Guzzi 50 Targa with aging Pirelli Stradas fitted and I want a set of tyres that give me good directional stability when I head out on weekend runs.
Mike Henaghan, Liverpool
A. With you running tubed 18-inch rims, you’ll need bias-belted tyres. These are not as stable as radial tyres because their crossply construction gives them a more rigid carcass that reacts to surface changes.

Tyres that have a central groove are more stable and Avon’s keenly priced Roadrider tyres fit the bill, as do the tried and tested BT45s from Bridgestone. Whichever set you go for, you are sure to notice a big jump in ride comfort and stability over those earlier generation Stradas.

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