Should I replace the tyre AND inner tube?

Q. My Sinnis Apache has tyres with inner tubes. As an inner tube is only £6 and a new tyre £40, If I were to get a puncture would I be able to keep the tyre and only replace the inner tube? Would there be a problem with the hole making the tyre unsafe?
Jimmywiz, MCN forums

A. If it’s a small hole in the tube you could repair that with a bicycle patch glued over it. If it is a split or there’s more than one you would be better off replacing the tube.

If the hole in the tyre is small and in the treaded area, say up to 2mm diameter, you can ignore it. If the hole is bigger, say 5mm, it should be mushroom plugged and vulcanised (glued).

Any bigger than that it’s a tyre change as the construction will have been badly weakened.

Before you put the inner tube back in the tyre check that the cause of the puncture has been removed. Assuming you are on spoked wheels, check the rimtape is in good condition and there are no exposed spoke ends that will repuncture the tyre.

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