Best way to paint Hornet’s wheels

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My wheels are looking a bit tatty on my Hornet and I’m considering spraying them myself. However the wheels take a lot of crap from the road and I am worried it won’t be durable.
Cairnsie13, MCN forums

Powder coating is more durable than conventional paints, but it’s harder to get a colour match. However, a reputable firm can usually get free sample batches to try to get a match, then put a clear coat over to make it more durable. The clear coat will change colour very slightly. But if you say your wheels already look rough, try painting them yourself, getting a good-quality second clear coat from your local bodyshop as you’ve nothing to lose. If you use powder coat, be sure to use a polymer or polyester. Epoxy fades over time in sunlight. Although a good clear coat should be UV-protected (ask before you buy).


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