Do I need special tool to remove Fireblade swingarm?

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I am going to take the swingarm off my Honda Fireblade RRX so that I can get it polished but I have read in the Haynes manual that I require a special tool to refit the swingarm pivot bolt/nut. Is this so? I enquired about the tool and it is £90+, which seems a lot of money for something that I will only use once. Is there is an alternative way I can do this?
Nige0911, MCN forums

Owners clubs often have special tools doing the rounds for the members, or you can make a tool to fit the castellated locknut out of an old socket. But you can use a wide blade punch, which if used from underneath both undoing and retighten will not show any damage as it is only a locknut all said and done. Undo the main shaft nut, push or tap the shaft or spindle out, then after slackening the lock ring that holds the hollow retaining bolt undo the bolt with a 21mm Allen key or key socket, or even a 21mm bolt and a pair of mole grips.

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