Should I replace all the fluids in my long-stood BMW K100RS?

Q. I have just bought a 1991 BMW K100RS. It has been unused for seven years, has only done a genuine 5000 miles and is in “as-new” condition.

The bike was serviced 150 miles ago with new fluids throughout, plus new tyres, and has lived in a dry garage ever since.

Is it OK just to stick a fresh battery and fuel in (which I have done) and use it or should I change all the fluids (coolant, engine oil and filter, gearbox and differential oils and brake fluid) again before putting it back on the road?

I have started the bike and it sounds sweet. Is there anything else I should look at that I have not mentioned?
Mark Felgate, email

A. The key is not the low mileage, but the length of time it’s lain idle. Even if the oil still looks clean, it will have absorbed some water, as will the brake fluid. The coolant will also have degraded over that time.

As you’ve got such a clean bike don’t spoil it for want of £40 of fluids.

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