Best all-weather tyres for a Honda CBR600RR?

Q. I have just swapped my old Firestorm for a mint CBR600RR, but the problem that I have is with the rubber.

I have used Dunlop Sportmaxes for years on the old sports tourer. But the 600RR is running the Bridgestone Battlax BT016, which do not seem to inspire me with confidence, especially in the wet.

My friend has recommended the Michelin Pilot Power 2. I am looking for a tyre that, especially in the wet, will give me that grip back. I know that the two bikes are totally different in terms of riding/handling.
Kevinmurph62, MCN forums

A. The 600RR is really designed for sports tyres, and yes the 016s aren’t the greatest in the wet. But the 016 is being replaced by the new Bridgestone S20 and that is a whole lot better in the wet, so you could stick to the same brand.

If you want to look again at Dunlops, the Roadsmarts and Sportsmarts also work well on this bike.

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