How to remove a seized bolt from CBR600F Sport’s radiator

Q. I’ve a Honda CBR600F Sport and was just about to give it a good clean today when one of the bolts on the V-piece under the radiator just kept turning.

So I thought I’ll take the left-hand fairing off and carefully take the V-piece off with the left-hand fairing.

All was going well until I found another seized bolt in its rubber grommet on the left fairing. How can I get them out?
Dom501, MCN forums

A. There is no right or wrong way to go about removing these seized brass and rubber grommets (Ducati/Cagiva seem to be even worse). We wouldn’t drill them off, as the heat generated can melt the plastic the screw/bolt is holding in place.

You are already doing the usual by holding (if you can get at them) with pliers or small molegrips. Another good tip is if you can get a very sharp craft knife in to the rubber and slash it until you can remove the rubber. Often the threaded brass part of the insert will then go through the larger hole.

All those bolts holding the fairing on should have a wee bit of graphite grease on them from the factory, but the manufacturers tend to look at brass as a self-lubricating material.

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