Honda CBR600RR won’t idle

Q. My 2007 Honda CBR600RR has developed an idle problem. After start up one morning it was ticking over so slowly that it was nearly stalling. After a ride it seemed OK, but now it’s idling too fast at 2000rpm and it’s jerky at low revs.

There seems to be an idle control valve, which I removed and cleaned, but no adjustment to balance the throttle bodies.
Chris Drewett, Trowbridge

A. The idle speed on modern 600s are a bit higher, normally around the 1400-1500 rev mark, probably to do with emissions, but 2000rpm does seem high.

Your bike’s idle speed is controlled by the ECU using data from an engine temperature sensor and air temperature sensor and it’ll need to be checked using Honda Diagnostic kit at a dealer. Get it booked in now.

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