How to sort Yamaha XJ900’s braking feel

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Q. The brakes on my Yamaha XJ900 Diversion only give me decent feel when the lever’s span adjustment is right out.

My last bike was an XJR1300 and the brakes were great, so I’m thinking of grafting on XJR1300 calipers and master cylinder…
Mick Post, Battle

A. Before you attempt that radical solution, I’d give your existing set-up a thorough service with a few component changes. First up, fit some EBC HH pads, as they seem to grip like a boa constrictor. Give the calipers a good clean, only changing the seals if they are damaged or leaking.

Make sure the caliper pistons are moving freely and regrease them to protect them from the elements. A master cylinder overhaul is a good idea, fitting new rubber internals.

Talking of rubber, bin the original brake lines (which may be starting to ‘balloon’) for braided steel ones to boost your lever pressure.

Finally you could look at some aftermarket discs with have a higher carbon content than the original stainless versions.

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