How can I make my Yamaha YBR125 more comfy?

Q. I have been using my Yamaha YBR125 to ride up from Cornwall to Stevenage on family visits. It’s 289 miles each way and I get a terribly numb bum after a while.

It gets so bad I have to stop every 25 miles between motorway services. I’m not ready for a 600, but is there a slightly bigger bike I could use that is more comfortable?
Juliette Jahn, Camelford

A. Kawasaki’s ZXR250 would be an ideal step up for you, but if money’s really tight at the moment I’d look to make your existing bike more comfortable.

Mark Holmes here used an Airhawk saddle cushion on a 900-mile ride through France and really rated it. It uses 14 interconnected air chambers that you can inflate so that the pressure of your backside and the bony bits are spread more evenly.

The trick is not to have it too hard as it’ll be no different from your stock seat, but allow a bit of give so the pressure can balance out, without you feeling like you are on a water bed. It’s made by RoHo, a firm that provides wheelchair cushions and mattresses that prevent life-threatening pressure sores, so they know what they are doing.

Bykebitz brings them into the UK and they cost from £79.

Get yours at