Best tyres for a Kawasaki ZZR600

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Q. I own a 2001 ZZR600 and would like an opinion as to the best tyres for this bike. I am not a knee-down, throttle-open rider, basically I’m a commuter and weekend social rider. I have recently read articles on Pirelli Diablo Stradas…
Steve Rogers

A. The ZZR600’s tyre sizes of 120/60 x 17 and 160/60 x 17 do limit choice a little, but there is still a good choice of sports-touring rubber.

The Diablo Strada is Pirelli’s second line tyre; still in their range even though it has been superseded by the Angel ST but at a lower price point and therefore excellent value for money.

It’s actually at the sporty end of sports-touring tyres and doesn’t return as good mileage as other tyres in the ‘value’ category, and not ideal for all-weather commuting.

From the house of Pirelli/Metzeler there is also the Roadtec Z6; the predecessor of the new Roadtec Z8 Interact but still in the range as their second line alternative. It would have better wear and wet grip than the Diablo Strada with similar levels of stability.

The other really popular tyre in the ‘value’ sector is Continental’s ContiMotion. 

Unlike the other two this isn’t an older design; it was developed a couple of years ago specifically for this category and using later compound and construction technology.

It sits happily between the Strada and the Z6, with a good balance of performance, durability and price. They’re also around 10% cheaper than the other two.

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