Is my Yamaha R6’s digital dash beyond hope?

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Q. I have had my 2002 Yamaha R6 tucked away in my man-cave over winter on a trickle charger. I started it about a month ago and all was well. But when I went to get the bike ready for new season the electronic display was totally blank.

All the warning lights work as they should, so power is there. But the digital dash is just completely blank, no trip or mileage either. Is there a simple solution?
aaronhicks77, email

A. I’m afraid there is, and that’s to start hunting for a replacement. If you had still been getting a reading of ‘high’ on the temperature display that could be a warning that the back-up fuse has blown.

But if it’s blank and the rest of the electrics are fine, then it has gone for a Burton.

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