Road tyres for a Triumph Tiger 800XC

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Q. What replacement tyres would you recommend for my Triumph 800 XC? I will only be using the bike on the road for weekend leisure trips and occasional long distance tours. They also need to be good in the wet. My current tyres are Bridgestone Battle Wings.
Peitho, MCN forums

A. Because of the Triumph’s 21” front wheel you can’t fit any of the pure road tyres such as Dunlop RoadSmart, Bridgestone BT-023 and Michelin Pilot Road 3 that are available for other big adventure bikes. This is because they’re only made in the more common 110/80R19 front size.
So that leaves the road-oriented trail tyres such as your current Bridgestone Battle Wings, Continental Trail Attacks, Michelin Anakee 2s, Metzeler Tourance EXPs, Pirelli Scorpion Trails and Avon Distanzias, which in reality are all trail tyres in name alone. They’re primarily road tyres with a (tiny) little bit of off-road ability.

So you are already using the best kind of tyres for your use; you just have to decide whether to stick with the OE Bridgestone Battle Wings or switch to another brand.

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