Why is my Deauville playing up?

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Q. I was riding home on the M6 yesterday after a weeks touring round Scotland on my Deauville when my rev counter went haywire then died.

Shortly after, the bike backfired twice and the engine cut out leaving me to coast over to the hard shoulder. I had to get my breakdown company to bring me and the bike home as it would not start after this.

I checked the bike again when I got home, all electrics seemed to be working (not rev counter) but the engine would not start - there was a loud clicking noise when I tried to get it going.

I put the battery on charge overnight as I didn’t think it could do any harm and it started first try this morning!

With my limited knowledge I suspect a battery problem but I'd appreciate any thoughts as to what caused the breakdown and how I can avoid it happening again.
Centuryfox, MCN forums

A. It sounds like a regulator rectifier has gone West. If the battery voltage at about 5000rpm isn’t well above 12volts, typically 14.3 – 14.5v that’s a clear indication that you need to replace the reg/rect.

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