Why is my Yamaha R6 dying on me?

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Q. I recently rebuilt my 2002 Yamaha R6 and all seems ok. It starts up and ticks over OK, but when I go to ride off it feels like it’s got no fuel and the revs die on me. She will restart just fine, when I go to ride off it will get less than a 100 yards then die again!

I have cleaned the carbs and air filter, ensured everything is tight. I think all the breather tubes etc are connected back as they should be.
Shagguk, MCN forums

A. It sounds like an air lock from a blocked breather pipe or an air leak at the airbox or carb inlets. So, try squirting WD40 around those points with the engine ticking over to see if the revs change.

Have you connected the throttle position sensor back up and are you sure you haven’t altered the pilot mixture screws when you had the carbs apart?

Did you check that all the carb throttle slides were lifting and returning freely before fitting the airbox and all the diaphragm tops were seated correctly?

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