What’s causing my Honda Hornet’s rattle?

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Q. I was advised the rattle on my Honda Hornet 600 was probably the camchain tensioner, so I had a new one fitted, but now the rattle has returned.

However, where it used to rattle when cold, it’s now fine when cold and rattles when warm. It comes from the right hand side of the bike and around the head/carb area. The sounds rise when I crack the throttle and just wind it on and it’s really annoying me.

I took it back to the chap that fitted my camchain tensioner (very experienced bike mechanic) and he said the engine sounds sweet but I’m concerned as it only started making this sound around 500 miles ago.
Nc30netherton, MCN forums

A. If it’s starting to rattle when it’s warm that could be because the camchain itself is close to its limits and as it warms up and expands the tensioner can’t keep it quiet.

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