Shoei XR1100 wind noise

I ride a Yamaha FZ6 which I have had for approx 4 years, during that time I had a Nolan Intergrale. Never once did I think about wearing earplugs with this helmet.

I then booked a track day for later in the year and found I needed an helmet with the appropriate certification.

I bought a Shoei XR1100 from Hein Gericke in Leicester, who were very good with fitting and care of my new helmet. The helmet fitted lovely and the vision was great.

I went out for a ride and was between 30-40 MPH when I heard a plane overhead. At least that was my first thought when I heard this loud drumming noise. I quickly realised the loud drumming noise was coming from the back of my helmet even at low speeds.

I even had to stop at Len Manchesters in Melton Mowbray to buy some earplugs because the noise was so bad.

After first confirming where the noise was coming from, I phoned Hein Gericke of Leicester to ask for another make of helmet or refund. They told me they would not do this unless there was a design fault.

They also informed me there is no guarantee when it comes to wind noise. It was my fault for not doing any research before I bought this helmet.

I now have to wear earplugs all the time, I have also noticed if I wear my Akita wet weather I kit instead of my leathers the noise is not so bad.

In my opinion helmet suppliers should have to tell customers about the possibility of loud wind noise.

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Paul Smith

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By Paul Smith