Module 1 Test complaint

I am a new rider! I recently passed my mod 1 test for the 5th time, so you can imagine how pleased I felt, only to be told that because my theory was expiring the next day my mod 1 certificate would only be valid til 12pm that night.

So I would have to go and take my theory then come back again to re-do my mod 1. I was not made aware of this at any time by my training school or by the examiner before hand.

Had i been informed about this i certainly would not have waisted my time effort and money riding all the way to the test center to take the test knowing this. (who would) I was aware when my theory test was running out but not told about this.

I have emailed the dsa several times about this complaint but they will not give me a valid explanation as to why i was not informed before the test started, considering that they have to check your paper work for dates beforehand.

Eventually after alot of complaining my training school have offered to pay for my next mod 1 test and hire of the bike. So im not too pleased with this new system. I would like to know if any other rider has come across this problem. looking forward to hear your views

Many thanks jue-jue biker