New rider: Going from auto to full licence

If you have an automatic bike licence and your two-year 33bhp probation is over, there are a couple of options to get a full manual bike licence, depending on your age.

If you are under 21 years you need to take practical test (module 1 and 2) on a 125 manual and therefore be restricted again for two years to bikes no more than 33 bhp/25Kw. 

But if you are 21 years-old or over you can opt for Direct Access. You’ll need to take the practical test (module 1 and 2) on a bike of at least 46.6 bhp/35kW but you cannot practice on your own, other than with certified DAS Instructor. 

You don’t need to take another theory test or undergo CBT again whichever route you take. Your existing full A automatic licence acts as the provisional manual licence and carries the same restrictions for learner status. 

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