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New rider: What happens during Module 1 video?

This excellent video by ART Motorcycle Training shows new riders exactly what happens during the Module 1 off-road motorcycle test, helping reduce the fear of the unknown!

The Module 1 test normally takes about 20 minutes and includes:

  • Wheeling the bike and using its stand.
  • Riding a slalom and figure of eight.
  • A slow ride.
  • A U-turn.
  • Cornering and a controlled stop.
  • Cornering and an emergency stop.
  • Cornering and hazard avoidance, during which you must be riding at a minimum speed of 19mph on a moped or 31mph on a motorcycle.


Once you have completed the test, your examiner will tell you if you have passed or failed having made note of the following:

  • Dangerous faults – which are those that involve danger to you, the examiner or the public or property.
  • Serious faults – which are potentially dangerous.
  • Riding faults – which aren’t potentially dangerous, but could become serious if you keep on making them.


To pass Module 1 you must have no serious or dangerous faults (these are sometimes called major faults) and no more than five riding faults (often called minor faults).



If you pass…

Congratulations, the examiner will tell you what faults, if any, you made and give you a pass certificate. You will need to take this with you to your Module 2 test. Good luck!


If you fail…

You will need to rebook your Module 1 test and pay again, waiting at least three working days from the date of your failure. If you have already booked your Module 2 then you may need to reschedule this as well and be aware that you will lose your fee if you don’t give three full days notice.

For more information on motorcycle tests, and to book a test, vist the Motorcycle Tests section of the UK Government's website by clicking here.


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