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The GS may be the most off-road orientated of the trio, down to its alloy bashplate, but it’s not a real trail bike. Mostly, it’s for show, but I liked its funky looks and the chunky way it goes about its business – though Kev disagreed on both counts. Being a scale model of a real person, he also found it too big. It does have the highest, widest and roomiest riding position.

With 85bhp, the engine is by far the least powerful. At low revs it feels crude compared to the others, but smoothes out from 2500rpm and will cruise all day at 100mph-plus. By far its worst characteristic was an occasional habit of jumping from top to fifth gear.

Overall, the Beemer feels well-made, solid, planted and reassuring. The Telelever forks are plush but – since they don’t dive – suffer none of the recoil off the brakes that troubles the Tiger. The Brembos are the strongest brakes, but without the cushioning effect of conventional teles, initial braking effort has to be fed in progressively. Get it wrong and the ABS steps in.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff