Kawasaki’s official line

Kawasaki released this official statement on the link with Suzuki on Thursday

Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd and The Suzuki Motor Corporation have announced an agreement to work together on research and development projects.

The companies will work together in the future on the development of new models in a variety of categories.

The collaboration between Kawasaki and Suzuki signals a growing trend in co-operation between manufacturing companies across many industries in the face of increased globalisation, and allows both companies the potential to maximise opportunities in the current challenging economic climate of Japan.

The traditional Kawasaki and Suzuki brands will not be affected and their strong individual images will still be promoted across current marketing and sales channels, and through the dealership networks.

Both Kawasaki and Suzuki welcome this new research and development partnership, which will help to ensure the healthy growth of the motorcycle industry.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff