Official statement

Kawasaki Heavy Industries Limited and Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan, announced an agreement to form a strategic business relationship today in the area of product development, design, engineering, manufacturing of motorcycle and ATV products and purchasing components thereof based on the spirit of reciprocity and equality.

The agreement intends to advocate the desire of the parties to make the motorcycle business more profitable even under the increased globalisation and intensifying competition of the motorcycle industry by complementing each others resources and mutual collaboration.

Both companies will collaborate with each other in the area of product development, OEM supply of the product, commonising parts and components and joint purchasing and manufacturing, so that competitiveness and profitability of their motorcycle business can be improved.

As the first step, they attempt to use each other’s resources effectively for such types and models as Custom, larger capacity Scooters, Motocross and ATV to get the immediate synergy out of this arrangement. They preserve autonomy respectively in the area of marketing and sales by using their own brands and sales network respectively as they have been.

Both companies expect that this arrangement will ensure they respond to a variety of customer needs and to contribute to the healthy growth of the industry.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff