Round-the-world duo reach southern Spain

Dave Marsden and Ian Wright had got as far as southern Spain when we spoke to them on Friday morning.

They plan to cross the border into Portugal and return to stay in Gibraltar tonight.

Then it’s across by ferry to Morocco on Saturday morning to head for Fes and the dunes of the Sahara.

" And it’s unbearably hot by 6 in the morning here!, " joked Dave.

The pair stayed on a campsite last night and had planned to make an early start in the cool of the early morning.

But even though they were up at the crack of dawn they had to wait until 9.20am before the campsite office opened… and they had their passports.

Dave said the Kawasaki W650s the pair are using are performing well.

" You can tour surprisingly quick on them. We’re doing 85-90mph most of the day. The only trouble is the amount of luggage we are carrying. We’ve wound the pre-load right up but they are still bottoming out on fast bends.

" When they start pogoing you have to back off, and, as you know, that’s not ideal when you’re going round a corner. "

Dave and Ian will be sending us their first pictures over the weekend so expect to see them on the site by Monday.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff