Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R

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Ian Burgess, 44, runs his own building firm. He has shelled out around £10,000 on top of his stock Hayabusa.

Ian Burgess wanted an even bigger engine in his Hayabusa so he took it to TTS.

In common with all modifiers, Burgess wanted something different. Unlike some, his mods started for purely practical reasons. Having fallen in love with the Hayabusa ” the moment I pushed it off the kerb ” at his local Suzuki dealership, he took it on track days and put plenty of miles under its wheels.

Describing himself as no lightweight, he found the brakes soon began to suffer. ” The discs were getting worn and I was looking around for something to replace them with. The rim-mounted brakes came up and they’ve been brilliant. They hardly even get warm, let alone over-heat. ”

Problem was, to fit that needed a new wheel, hence the Marchesini. And you can’t have one wheel without a matching one. Hence the rear hoop. Both replaced and earlier set of Dymags on the bike.

From there it just sort of grew over the next couple of years. ” People ask me what I’ve done and it’s hard to remember cos I just live with it. They ask where I got the screen and I’ve forgotten that it’s not standard, ” Burgess says.

But the work is now done, except for the inevitable and endless supply of tyres and chains a 195bhp/118lbft motor is always going to swallow. Oh, and there might be an Ohlins rear shock. But that will be it. Burgess feels it’s important to know when to stop. ” Everything I’ve done has been for a reason, not just for looks. It’s not just throwing bits at it. I think it’s tasteful. ”

Ian’s tweaks:

Rim-mounted front discs, Marchesini front wheel, Dymag rear wheel, TTS big bore; pistons; cams, Gas-flowed head, Modified valves, TTS modified airbox, Yoshimura underseat exhaust system, Ohlins fork internals, Harris rear-sets, JMC adjustable swing-arm, Double bubble screen, Under tray

Total spent: Bike £8,000 + £10,000 tweaks = £18,000

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff