CCTV, steel door and ground anchors

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In the past two years, Iain and Lynne Hall have had over 1500 bikes pass through their B&B in the North Yorkshire resort of Scarborough and they haven’t lost one yet.

The Donnington Hotel is a paranoid biker’s heaven, with every security device under the sun employed to put minds at rest.

Iain said: " Being bikers ourselves, we appreciate that it isn’t easy to find somewhere that offers secure parking. "

The garage and car park are covered by CCTV and floodlighting. The steel garage door is reinforced with a " T " bar, which is concreted in and secured with tamper-proof bolts.

Inside the garage, Rotalok Inturn ground anchors are installed and Squire SS50 chains and locks and Kryptonite disc locks are supplied.

But according to Iain, despite all the heavy-duty security equipment, the real secret to their success is their humble Tomy baby monitor.

He said: " One end is in the garage and the other by our bedside. It’s so sensitive that it will pick up people 30 metres away and even the clocks ticking on old BMWs. "

Cost: About £550. You can check out the website at:

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MCN Staff

By MCN Staff