Suzuki GSX750F

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THE 1989–1997 model was almost instantly dubbed ” The Teapot ” when its overly-organic styling was revealed to a categorically nonplussed public. When a bike is not only named after a hot beverage, but goes like a cup of weak tea, too, then it’s truly in deep trouble.

But the weirdness of the Teapot endures. It soldiered on until 1997 in its original form because it was a ” steady-seller ” and then, incredibly, it got a redesign (more of a face-transplant than a facelift) and emerged looking even worse.

If its looks weren’t enough to put you off, then the sloppy mid-range-not-a-lot-of top-end engine surely would have. The Mark Two, somewhat incredibly, retained the reviled teapot stance, though this time semi-disguised by thick-edge bodywork that looked as if someone had a go at it with a blowtorch, got disturbed halfway through and then left in a hurry.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff