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If you can’t buy the security device you want – make your own. That’s exactly what John Smith of Wallasey, in Liverpool, did when he developed a bespoke security lock welded to the swingarm of his bike.

It consists of two housing units, one on each side of the swingarm, and a hardened metal securing bar. John said: " One housing unit is bored through to accept the securing bar. This unit also contains a locking barrel. The other unit is bored only partially to take the bar when pushed fully home.

" As the bar is pushed through a pin inside, the locking barrel inserts into the groove in the bar to keep it securely fitted. "

The device can be installed to either the top or underside of the swingarm – though it’s not really suitable for bikes with single-sided swingarms.

So why should John’s home-made device be any more effective than a conventional lock?

He said: " The position of the whole device makes access and therefore theft difficult. It is surrounded by the swingarm, the rear hugger and the drive chain. Once fitted, it is portable, quick and simple to put into use. "

Cost: £170. Contact John Smith on: 0151-639-0379 if you want him to make one for you.

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