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Kungfoobob and SuperRetard can often be found at the centre of some serious daftness on our Talk Bikes bulletin boards.

Now they’ve decided to step up the efforts they make to entertain us with this video (follow the link right to play it in QuickTime or Real Player).

Of course, we couldn’t possibly condone such wild stunt activity on public roads and suggest that if you are going to try this at home that you do it where it’s soft to land… and preferably on someone else’s bike.

But in the meantime, enjoy the video and, if it inspires you to send in your own motorcycle-related daftness, well, you probably won’t do any worse!

If you have the technology, email your clips to

We’ll put the best/most amusing on the site.

Tell Kungfoobob and SuperRetard what you think of their video by going to Talk Bikes and posting on the Talk General board.

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By MCN Staff