New firm GluGlu gives us dirt-track style

Japan is being swept by dirt-track mania, and here’s the cash-in from new firm GluGlu.

Taking their styling cues from the all-American XR750 flat-track racer, and popular 70’s colour schemes, dirt-track bikes for the road are proving to be big business.

GluGlu uses current production bikes as the donors, namely the Yamaha TRX850 and SRX400/600 as well as the Suzuki Katana 250. There’s even a race bike – the Y850R – also based on the TRX.

The Y850T uses the 850cc parallel twin as well as the frame, wheels, brakes and other components but the result is a completely different machine. The bike’s creator, Satoshi Takahashi, has previously worked with Japanese engine and chassis tuning firm Over to create the 120bhp OZ1 TRX special as well as race-winning TRX flat-trackers.

The Y850R is the over-the-counter development of this bike and features 19 " wire-wheels and no front brake. The exhaust system on both models is a SuperTrapp full system, which combined with jetting and filter changes should account for another 10bhp over stock.

The Y400S and Y600S use the Yamaha SRX400 and 600 singles as their donor machines. Again most of the components are cannibalised from the original machine, including the frame, wheels and running gear. But the bodywork – like the Y850R is all new and bolts on as one-piece. As with the 850, a full SuperTrapp system is fitted.

The smallest of the range is a mere 250cc. But the tiny S250M uses a high-revving Suzuki Katana 250 as it’s base – promising around the same power as the Y400S, at 45bhp.

The base model Y850T costs £5780, the Y400/600S starts at £2275 while the S250M starts at the same… in Japan.

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