Oi, you at the back

Bikes in this class are bound to spend at least some of the time with a pillion on board, so we did a lap of the lakes to check out the pillion seats with our tester Kev Smith bringing up the rear:


" THERE’S two grab handles which give your hand plenty of room, but you get much more support from the Triumph’s single handle. The pegs are really low (10mm lower than the previous bike) because of the exhausts which means they can be much lower. This is one of the most comfortable bikes I’ve ever been on the back of. "

TRIUMPH SPRINT ST: " The seat’s low and easy to get on and I love the single grabhandle which gives you loads of support under acceleration and feels more natural to hold on to when braking, though there’s not much room to get your hand under it. The pegs are quite low again, though not as low as the other two but there’s not so much room on the seat. "

APRILIA FUTURA: " This has the biggest seat of all of them but it’s very high and if you’re small you’re going to have to vault your way on to it. The twin engine means it’s not so comfortable and a bit more snatchy but the grab rails are quite good and although the pegs aren’t as low as the VFRs, they’re really comfortable and give good support. "

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MCN Staff

By MCN Staff