Multi-million pound bid to beat vehicle crime

Published: 07 October 2001

The Government is making a multi-million pound effort to cut vehicle crime… and they’ve managed to find room for 10 tips to beat bike theft among it all.

Essentially, it’s a campaign to make us all aware of the risks. But if there are any motorcycle riders in the UK who aren’t already painfully aware of the dangers, we’re not sure where they are.

Most of us would prefer the Government pumping a bit of cash into catching the villains themselves, as the most persistent seem capable of beating our alarms, locks, locked garages and all the rest.

But before we write them off completely, take a look at the part of the new website they’ve set up dedicated to beating bike theft:

When you’ve seen it, follow the link, right, and tell us what you think of it.

The rest of the new site is mainly for drivers, with an interactive car testing your knowledge of which points a thief is most likely to attack. There’s also a grading section, which rates the security qualities of each car on the market.

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