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More on the 2002 ZX-6R, 9R and 12R and ZZ-R1200

Published: 02 September 2001

Last week we brought you first pictures and initial details on Kawasaki’s new bikes. This week we’ve added loads more detail for you to absorb.

Follow the link, left, to be taken to our LATEST ON NEW BIKES section. Click into the top story and select the bike you are interested in.

In the case of the 6R, 9R and ZZ-R1200, you’ll find links from each called " More details on the… " Follow those to get our latest updates.

We’ve also added our first action pictures of the ZX-6R, 9R and 12R. Click on the link right to be taken directly to the top story in the LATEST ON NEW BIKES section.

MCN published on September 5 also includes details of all these bikes plus the many others we have broken news of in the last seven days. They include the Triumph Daytona Special Edition, Bonneville Special Edition and the cruiser-style Bonneville USA, among others.